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Marley here!  So why is there snow in Florida you might ask?  Well we moved to the Midwest before this photo was taken and we now LOVE the snow (and colored leaves, kids, chasing tennis balls and squirrels, playing in the sprinklers, and just about everything else).

Mom is actively involved with our local humane society as a canine companion.  We notice different smells from the dogs she’s walked, but we’re not jealous.  Every pup deserves a chance at the happy life we have! 

The love we give (and get) is what inspired our products.  A 90-year-old artist named Keith Bratton designed our special cartoon logo.  We hope that you will find our customizable quality merchandise celebrates the fun-loving spirit and beauty that makes Golden Retrievers so special.

Romping in the Fall Leaves

Sadie & Marley

When I was a year old, my parents wanted to rescue a golden.  It was then that sweet Marley entered our lives!  He was adopted from the Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida at the age of 2.  We have gotten along fabulously ever since.  Mom says we are special because of our red hair, but she is a redhead too so I’m not really sure if that is true.  Is Marley a handsome guy or what?  

Dorothy & the Cowardly Lion – we won 2nd place in a Milk Bones contest!

Brother & Sister Love

Marley & Sadie

About Us

About Us

Sadie here!  My Mom and Dad always wanted a golden retriever.  I was born in 2009 in Florida. Since my parents liked the Beatles, named me Sadie.  I was a cute puppy, don’t you think?